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What to Bring

Preparing Your Dog for a Stay At DogCity 


This page provides some guidelines for getting your dog ready for a stay at DogCity. These will help things go more smoothly and also help us out a lot in looking after your loved one.


For All Dogs (DayCare and Boarding)

Be sure to have a quick-release collar and name tag.  

For Boarding Customers Only

Please bring enough food for your pup’s entire stay (maybe a little extra, just in case). Please have meals premeasured in plastic sandwich (Ziploc) bags or in a secure container with their name. Remember to bring a tight-fitting plastic lid for canned food and refrigerated items.



Please bring your dog’s medication(s) with detailed instructions. We will administer oral and topical medications for free. Please contact us ahead of time if your pup requires injections of any variety.

Food and Meds
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