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About Vaccinations

Vaccinations are required for all of our guests including grooming clients.

To ensure that none of our guests make any other guests sick, and ensure your pet’s safety, we require that all of our guests to have up to date vaccination records. The following vaccines are required for all guests:

  1. Rabies

  2. DHLPP Combo

  3. Bordetella Vaccination (required every 6 months)*

  4. Negative Fecal Exam (within the last year)


How to submit vaccinations:

Please scan copies of vaccination records and submit to us by email or bring them to our office in hand. Upon receipt we will send you an email confirmation.

*Bordetella Vaccination

Bordetella vaccination is required every 6 months. Most vets administer an annual Bordetella vaccination while others swear by the 6-month timeline. Given the amount of general exposure at dog parks, dog daycares, outdoor activities and the avid dog petter, a 6-month dosage timeline provides a better overlap of protection against upper respiratory illness in dogs. We understand cross-contamination is inevitable in just about any environment, but we try our best to reduce the risk for your dog and our other guests by requiring a Bordetella vaccine every 6 months.

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