Grooming: Pricing Details

Prices are subject to change upon consultation. Rates vary due to factors such as breed, size, hair length, and coat condition. Call us to schedule a consultation or appointment. Note: A plus (+) next to any price means that variables mentioned above may affect pricing. 


Full Bath & Brushout

Includes herbal ear wash, nail trim, & soothing herbal conditioner.

$35 +

Wash & Go (small dog)

For dogs 50 lbs and under. Includes bath and quick dry only. No frills.

$15 +

Wash & Go (long haired / large dog)

For dogs over 50 lbs. Includes bath and quick dry only. No frills.

$25 +

Flea Shampoo

Treatment can be added to any Bath. Helps kill and repel fleas until a perscription Flea topical is applied.


Herbal Ear Wash

Ear treatment can reduce risk of infection and improve the comfort of your dog.


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Haircuts and Trimming

Full Service Grooming

Our deluxe package for your loved one. Includes: wash and brushout, nails, and face trim. Consultation required.


Partial Cut

$60 +

Puppy Cut

A puppy cut is designed for your puppy's first visit to the groomer. Puppies have a harder time sitting still for extended periods, and often only allow us to do as much as *they* want us do do. We take extra time to acclimate your dog to the grooming process. In addition to getting them used to the clippers, puppy cuts consist of a sanitary cut, eye trim, foot pad shaving, nail trim, bath and brush. We strive to make their first grooming experience as positive as possible.



$25 +

Foot Trim

$20 +

Shave Foot Pads


Brazilian Shave (small dogs)

$15 +

De-shedding Treatment


Face Trim


Ear Pluck


Hind / Rear Trim

$20 +

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Additional Health Maintentance

Basic Nail Trim



We use a professional rotary file to gently trim and smooth your dog's nails.


Teeth Brushing




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