About us

DogCity Daycare was founded 2014.  We needed a pet sitter while we were away traveling for business and vacation. It wasn't a simple problem at all  it was really hard to find someone reliable and loving to care for our pets the way we do, and was a common problem experienced by most pet parents we found out. After tirelessly interviewing local pet centers for someone to entrust our furry Pets with and having the worst experiences we decided to fix the problem by opening our own facility. 

Our Boarding & Daycare pet sitters are experienced  dog lovers highly trained professionals who are pet parents themselves, so they intuitively and professionally understand your pets needs. We are committed to providing the utmost in dog care and professionalism. Our business is taking care of your pet and we are pleased to offer a variety of services we are sure you will love. Our philosophy is simple: When you leave a dog with us, you're leaving a child-and that's a responsibility we take very seriously!

                  DogCity West Seattle Philosophy


EveryDog Has his story, wether a rescue or a purebred, and these stories are what shape their personalities.

I have always been fascinated by the intelligence and instinctual behavior of dogs, and how their unique characters enrich our lives.

Dogs are a constant source of Love and Laughter; and they are able to teach their humans some of life's most valuable lessons: play every day, don't hold a grudge, live in the moment, be dependable and loyal, love unconditionally, and the most important lesson, be happy and show it.


- Jan Brown